// Websites

I create eye catching, affordable, easy to use websites using Wix, Squarespace & Shopify.

I've created a niche in the drag-and-drop website market (Wix, Squarespace & Shopify) to help individuals and small businesses create well-designed websites that don't break the bank. There is no request too small!

From a simple one page website to an e-commerce store, the balance between beautiful design and functionality is crucial. All websites are set-up with SEO, keywords and descriptions...all the important stuff Google needs to find you.

// Social Media & Content Creation

It's all about quality not quantity.

Cohesive plans, eye-catching content and solid implementation is what you can expect. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Neighbourly, Twitter, Google+....I can manage all of your social media accounts. I'll research your competitors and make sure you're always a few paces ahead of them.

Social media builds traffic to your website, increases SEO and the visibility of your business but best of all it helps to build your customer database and brands story.

Struggling to find the time or creative thinking to manage your social media channels? Let me manage it all for you!


// Direct Mail

Make your emailsstand out.

Use your social media to build your brand's tribe through Mailchimp. I create responsive, easily editable drag-and-drop templates, produce newsletter campaigns, and manage event invitations and press release templates that you can use time and again.

Done correctly, branded emails are an extremely cost effective, targeted and completely measurable form of communication that can be linked with other marketing initiatives such as your website or social media campaigns.

// Branding

Have you been branded?

Good businesses understand that good brand identity is a valuable part of their business. Whether you're a start up with a big idea or an existing company craving a refresh - I'll work with you to identify your unique selling point and create bespoke designs to reflect your sweet spots. 


Good design is a make it or break it factor in startups nowadays

Two Hats Creative offers a full range of creative and innovative design services. I design and organise print ads in magazines and newspapers, advertorials, digital banners on your website or social media, invitations, brochures, flyers...anything and everything you need designed in order to get your message across.

// Design
// Strategy & Marketing Plans

How are you going to get to where you want to be?

I help small businesses make smart marketing decisions with a smaller budget. You're often too close to your business to see key differences between your competitors. I'll find that unique difference that will allow prospective customers to choose to engage with you instead of your competitors.


Many small businesses don’t have the time or resources to successfully implement a marketing plan and don't have a clear understanding of the best marketing options available to them. It's my mission to help you understand what’s worth doing and why. I'll develop an easy to use strategy and annual marketing plan with a monthly 'to do' list, dependent on your objectives, and most importantly your budget.

// Copywriting

Content is king!

Copywriting is the most important part of what I do.

From attention grabbing headlines that compel you to find out more, to quality content for SEO, or simply just getting the grammar right. I provide great copywriting in conjunction with a range of our other services that changes perspectives and finds connections.